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You probably have one without knowing.

Sometimes we see our friends dealing with extreme anxiety about things we consider “silly”. Well, In most times we get diagnosed with phobia after a traumatized incident occurred in our early lives.

The American psychological association defines phobia as “extreme and irrational fears towards a stimulus that is grossly out of proportion to the actual threat at hand”.

As kids, we all are exposed to tragic accidents. Pretty sure as you’re reading this something catastrophic that happened in your childhood crossed your mind.

A poem for Corona

Dear Corona,

I don't know what will happen next,

But I'm hoping for the best,

For in God's plans I will always trust.

You made us realize having faith in him is a must.

Although you were tough for the most,

And stealing people's lives was your favorite heist,

You proved to us life has moments worth living for at any cost.

You blew away all of our goals just like a blast,

Got us all feeling stressed depressed lemon zest,

I bet your favorite game was making us all messed,

Still, God blessed us with precious moments with our…

When one sense comes through as another.

Have you ever had a friend asking you what color is Monday? Or does “bright” taste like chocolate? What color is this sound? Well if your answer to these is “yes” your friend has a fascinating condition called “synesthesia”.

Some people are triggered by something like music, language, or even food. For instance, for some people music is a visual experience that is not just made of colors but also movement, shape, three-dimensional landscapes.

What is synesthesia

Synesthesia comes from a Greek word that means “ syn” (together) “esthesia” (perception).

People with this condition — often referred to as “synesthetes” — experience a…

Join my tour in Italy!

As we all know Italy has been the destination of many travelers for years. People choose to make it a top choice bucket list for many reasons starting from its art, ancient architecture, cuisines, attractions, and the best part of it is that every region in Italy is distinct.

Tourism is one of Italy’s fastest-growing and most profitable industrial sectors, with an estimated revenue of €189.1 billion. Making it an ideal destination for all.

“One of the great joys of traveling through Italy is discovering firsthand that it is, indeed, a dream destination”

— Debra Levinson

Now let’s dive in…

I highly doubt you have 0 debt.

We all want to reach financial freedom by retirement, but what does financial freedom mean? Some think you need to accumulate a lot of wealth to be financially free. That is incorrect because that money will run out by time if we don’t use it properly.

To achieve financial independence, you need to have a significant number of assets, and these assets should bring in more income than your spending.

These are some of the modern solutions to give you an idea of how to reach financial freedom.

Real estate

You legit have a treasure on your phone.

The smartphone that is in your hands is not just for pleasure and entertainment; it contains a treasure called the play store.

This year got us off track with quarantine and all that is happening. People who were trying to be fit probably ruined their schedule. We spend all of our daily time in our homes doing nothing, which at some point it can be toxic and mentally unhealthy. Since we all are struggling in a way, I got this idea of why wouldn’t I try and help some people by introducing them to some useful apps that can motivate…

Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution!

I will be talking about things that will happen over the next 5–10 years, which means that the majority of readers will fall upon them, so you will watch and live them.

First, let me start by asking you these questions and see how well you are pacing with technology.

Is technology a danger to humanity?
Do robots replace humans?
What is the language of the future?
Have you ever heard about Nanotech?
what can you extract from the air?
How will future surgeons look like?
what majors are required for the future?

This article is a journey-alike from the…


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